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  • WCF Introduction

    WCF makes it possible to have a unified API irrespective of diverse transport mechanisms

  • Entity Framework

    EF allows for a more granular level mapping between Entities and Database Tables. Conceptual Model

  • Javascript: Functional

    functional programming refers to the declarative evaluation of pure functions to create immutable programs by avoiding externally observable side effects

  • Unity Container

    Try to write Container Agnostic Code except for the root of Application where Container is configures

  • Dependency Property

    Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a set of services that can be used to extend the functionality of a common language runtime (CLR) property. Collectively, these services are typically referred to as the WPF property system. A property that is backed by the WPF property system is known as a dependency property

  • Datastructures

    Array is a container which can hold a fix number of items and these items should be of the same type

  • Inversion of Control IOC

    Inversion Of Control (IoC) is a design principle in which custom-written portions of a computer program receive the flow of control from a generic framework.